An exclusive interview with Nishant Patel, Founder of "Let It Wag"

Let It Wag

An exclusive interview with Nishant Patel, Founder of "Let It Wag" 

Let It Wag is an one-of-a-kind animal rescue application which enables animal lovers to come together and help each other to solve any animal related problems with just a few clicks on your phone. Has been a startup geek since early days, started up with short term startup projects in school and college days in multiple avenues, Now with a work experience of 12 years and 3 startups in the pocket, he is also a guest lecturer with multiple renowned institutions, Has given TEDx talk for Let It Wag app as well as certified creator with Instagram, NASAcademy and more. Nominated 40 Under 40 and won multiple awards for his projects, Nishant has been a true right brain for being an out of the box creative and marketing leader in multiple projects.

Nishant Patel

(Nishant Patel, Founder of "Let It Wag")

How did you get the idea or concept for the startup?

Our Co-Founder Yash Sheth started the project with the idea to solve animal related rescue, adoption, foster and crimes related problems in India by using technology as the medium to provide an easy and quick solution.

What was your mission and vision at the outset?

The idea was to help people who wanted to help but did not know how to help, since we all are having a phone on us all the time, we created a simple approach to use the phone to create awareness of an accident as well as to help people with all informations they need to enable them to help the animal. A Simple and easy way to solve the world's biggest untold problem.

What is innovation or unique about your startup or business?

One-of-a-kind mobile application which helps people solve animal related emergencies by connecting each other as well as providing helpline and information of Vets, NGOs, Volunteers and Ambulances within 5km of the issue/location of upload. 

This advanced hyperlocal approach has never been created for such an objective and no other apps in the world has the same use case of the tech.

What services or products do you offer?

Completely free, no money generated mobile application which helps people to report an accident, adopt or apply for adoption, connect with foster care, raise funds, connect with local area volunteers and get all helpline contacts for - VETs, NGOs, Ambulances and helplines, all in one app.

Tell us about your last funding round or How much are you ready for the funding? 

Since its a bootstrap and donation based process, We have raised some amount of trust fund and invested from our pockets for the growth and currently have reached the targets to start welcoming VCs to invest and grow this unique model world wide.

Write about your market and Who is the target audience?

Every animal lover, pet parent, volunteers and humans with a good heart towards animals are our target audience. Your Success so far, Achievements and Milestones, etc.

So far Let It Wag has helped in solving more than 25000 animal emergency cases and is on the way to be India's biggest animal lovers community. Won SME Business of the year'22 award, REX Karamveer Chakra award, TEDx talk opportunity and multiple press articles, Let It wag is on a journey to grow the network of animal lovers world wide to come solve this problem for all.

Describe the current problem in your sector and how your company provides solutions?

The biggest problem is that people want to help but they don't know how to do that, Now with Let It Wag, a crowdsource approach helps people to come together and solve the problems together.

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Nishant Patel
Let It Wag
Nishant Patel, Founder of "Let It Wag"