E- Summit’22 By E-Cell, SASTRA Deemed University, Thanjavur, TamilNadu


E- Summit’22 By E-Cell, SASTRA Deemed University, Thanjavur, TamilNadu

E- Summit’22 By E-Cell, SASTRA Deemed University, Thanjavur, TamilNadu

Hustling heads with fresh and intriguing ideas, wandering to give life to the same, are found and brought together in this cell of potential entrepreneurs, E- cell. E-cell, aka the Entrepreneurship cell of SASTRA, is more than just a team that plays the catalyst in launching whizz-kid minds into this tech-obsessed world. Our objective is to take entrepreneurship to a large scale of communities through approachable methods like interactive events, media, fun events, etc., and to make self-sufficiency enthusiastic and creative.

E-Cell has been conducting various events and workshops with business motives, not to mention the zestful elements added to boost up the energy factor in the event, participants, and organizers. The events not only sparked up whizz-kid hues in students but also social, societal, and intellectual skills. The team also works towards offering opportunities like internships, financial funding, etc., to meritorious students in some competitive events that aim to raise funding for the same.


This year, the E-summit 2022 will be held from the 26th to the 28th of May, here at SASTRA. The theme for this year's summit is "Evolve", promoting the exorbitant development of the young business sector, not to forget the budding magnates contributing towards the same.  The event will have 3 competitions, fun events, 2 speaker session. Here are the events-

Chamber of Bids

 A currency bidding event where, the international currencies are replicated in a unique way and participants are encouraged to bid their best in buying them in a strategical way. For each currency, there shall be given their own description of market and socio-economic conditions.

Date – 29th May, 2022 |Rounds-4| Time- 1:00 PM


Enterprise Emulation

Participating teams will be going on through a real-world organization-based discussion to figure out the solution for the particular problem statement putting them in the shoes of the respective designations.


Date- 28th and 29th May | Rounds- 2| Time- 10 AM




The Participating teams will have to research about the resources and facilities present in their state. The participants will have to put forth valid as to why their state will be the most ideal for starting the plant to the organizers who will be acting as company representatives.


Date- 28th and 29th May | Rounds- 2| Time- 10 AM


Power Talk


A power talk on Innovation management and Entrepreneurship by Dr. Anand Lakshmanan. A single idea from the human mind can build cities. It can transform the world and can rewrite the already written rules

Having an idea but clueless on how to build it and take it a step closer to the revolution. This power talk is just for you to transform our ideas into an Innovation!


Date-28th May | Time- 5 PM




Workshop on Metaverse and future Entrepreneurship by Mr. Sridharan Venkatraman. Experience one of the hottest topics in tech- Metaverse, AI &ML and watch it combine with entrepreneurship and how it creates new dimension full of opportunities.


Date-28th May | Time- 1: 30 PM



Register for the events here- https://linktr.ee/esummit2022



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