OJI: A vision beyond imagination

OJI: A vision beyond imagination


OJI: A vision beyond imagination

With a clear foresight in mind, Nitish Gupta founded OJI. He observed that although there are a lot of e-commerce platforms available, there aren't any who work as a true mediator. He came up with a D2C model which works as a great link for both brands and consumers. Along with that, it's your brand which would be playing on the frontfoot. OJI's Direct to Consumer model helps the masses to discover new brands. To take this vision onto the next step, OJI has set up a kiosk in MGF METROPOLITAN, GURGAON. Currently, it's associated with over 15-17 brands, all handpicked and are loaded with best products.

OJI: A vision beyond imagination

Let me take you towards the perks of OJI kiosk. 

● As a customer, you get the best products selected by the team itself. The shelves are arranged in a manner that each product is displayed on the forefront. 

● OJI has diverse options in their products. They have unclassified options, in every genre. Products ranging from coffee to skincare, all are available at the kiosk. You get the best in every range. If you believe your product is worth being on the market, OJI is the best platform to advertise it on. 

● There are many forms of e-commerce advertisements but not where the team itself is available to describe the product to the consumers. The OJI team will provide an elaborated description of each product to every visitor. As a consumer, it helps you understand what are the key factors of the product you are buying. This also passes on the information about the product to a network of people. 

The Grabber -

Along with this, one unique & innovative approach by OJI is the grabber machine. It takes you to the childhood days where you used to get free gifts for playing. The added perk is, this grabber has a 100% success rate, i.e, you won't go home empty handed. Every visitor who buys something from the store gets a chance to win the free sample. This marketing strategy works in the favour of both the consumers and your brand. 

With a unique vision and well-planned strategy, along with a hard-working team, OJI is reaching the heights of its success as the time passes. Do contact the team and see for yourself, what a gem OJI truly is. 

Youtube Link - https://www.youtube.com/shorts/zp9IlQt5qHQ