"Aupulent.com offers you diamonds not made in dangerous mines but by beautiful minds"


Surya Jain  along with his Co-founders Abhishek Dak and Tarun Sehgal Launched Aupulent
(Image: Cofounder-Surya Jain)

"Aupulent.com offers you diamonds not made in dangerous mines but by beautiful minds"

Surya Jain an Harvard alumni along with his cofounders Abhishek Dak and Tarun Sehgal Launched Aupulent, a pioneer in the field of lab-grown diamonds, that has managed to bring environment consciousness and fair-trade practices of the industry into the limelight.

Aupulent has emerged at the peak of pandemic and faced its own set of challenges. Right from finding the right team to bootstrapping the business and from positioning the brand on digital platform to dealing with every department virtually. But still Aupulent has upheld to the spirit of true brand and continued to strive for excellence through its jewellery.

Aupulent is based out of Delhi with its manufacturing facility in Surat and is looking forward to expand and reach every household. In the coming years, Aupulent has planned multiple launches with new designs, a dedicated collection for men and a lot more than you can imagine at 10 times lower price.


How did you get the idea?

I am an experienced professional with a demonstrated history of working in the Jewelry industry. Growing up in the world of diamonds – with family in the industry I came to realize how my native trade could be better, more ethical and Fairer. 

I come across many clients especially women who want to purchase high quality jewelry but owing to high prices and unfair trade practices they either settle for inferior quality diamond jewelry or plain gold jewelry. At Aupulent we want to change that and make diamond jewelry not only affordable but of the highest quality.

What was the most challenging part of your journey till now?

There have been many but the most challenging has been to get the right team together at different stages. Right from finding the right cofounder to bootstrap the startup, to development of website and the production team. We started our journey right in the middle of Covid and finding people who were as passionate as me to build Aupulent was extremely hard. And the added challenge of talking to them only through Video modes.

What is so unique about Lab grown diamonds?

Lab-grown diamonds are the future of luxury jewel market because many key players of the industry like Tanishq, Debeers, Pandora, and Swaroski are also investing in cultured diamonds. It not only reduces the carbon footprint significantly but also ensures safe working conditions for every worker in the lab. 

The speciality of these diamonds is that it is created to attain perfection like mined diamonds, but under controlled and safer environment with less harm to the ecosystem. Controlled conditions and chemically engineering rock formation has made the availability of diamonds easier and prices much lower.

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