"Revolutionizing Options Trading: Optionlogy, The Future of Trading in India"

"Revolutionizing Options Trading: Optionlogy, The Future of Trading in India"

"Revolutionizing Options Trading: Optionlogy, The Future of Trading in India" 

“We’re bringing a revolution in how options are traded in India,” claims the co-founder and Tech CEO of Capitsign, Rajat Goel. Launched in 2023, their product Optionlogy is India’s first and only options analytics platform to offer a complete option trading journey to it’s user in one place; aided by their star feature - a live trading journal tailored to options traders. What’s special about that?

Currently, the most you can track with brokers and existing platforms is your positions’ live PnL. That’s it. But as this market matures, more and more traders are moving from simple option buying and selling towards building option strategies made up of multiple positions.

“That’s when the current tracking infrastructure breaks down”, says Rajat. When multiple strategies are traded, tracking which position was created under which strategy is a time consuming process. And if any losing trade is to be amended, then it’s a near impossible task to track it from the beginning.

Optionlogy solves this, by giving it’s users an end-to-end option trading journey. “Our aim is to use technology to enhance trading, not to create features for the sake of it,” says the co-founder and Marketing Lead, Rishabh Goel. “There are tons of platforms out there that give a laundry list of features, and beginners find them not only intimidating but also hard to use”. Optionlogy instead focuses on creating a clean and simple option trading platform that is centred around user experience.

They’ve kept this promise by keeping their platforms uncluttered by a plethora of features, and instead innovating unique features for their users. They’ve introduced One-click Execution, where users can link any number of their broker accounts and trade entire strategies directly into those, all with one click. Optionlogy has another novelty feature, Strategy Controls that allows users to move their strategy’s payoff easily and see their desired payoff, without having to calculate the strike prices themselves.

Be it indices like Nifty or stocks, Optionlogy has features targeting every step in an option trader’s trading journey, including paper trading. A typical such journey involves analysis of market sentiment, building a strategy basis that, trading it and finally tracking and repairing it before squaring off the PnL.

This duo of young tech founders is backed by a research team of expert option traders with 10+ years of experience each. “We believe that modern solutions require a bit of both - deep rooted experience, and a new way of looking at things,” says Rishabh. For their innovative and research backed approach, they were voted #1 and featured on Product Hunt, an international platform for the discovery of new and innovative products.

“I wouldn't trade without it,” says a trader who’s been a member of the platform for 4 months now and an options trader since 2014. Says another, who’s a self proclaimed beginner in options trading, “It's like having a personal assistant to keep an eye on my trades 24/7.”

As the company gains a loyal following, it plans to stay close to its values. More sophisticated trading systems and solutions are the next chapter for Capitsign. The company takes pride in its proactive research and customer first approach and trusts that it will continue to deliver simple and innovative solutions to traders as trading matures in India.

Experienced and new option traders alike can trade easily with Optionlogy. Simply create an account on optionlogy.com to activate your free trial and turn a new chapter in your options trading journey.

Website : https://optionlogy.capitsign.com/