K12 Schools expanding their horizon with their next sports campus of 9.5 acres in the heart of Rajasthan - JAIPUR


K12 Schools expanding their horizon with their next sports campus of 9.5 acres in the heart of Rajasthan - JAIPUR

JAIPUR, RAJASTHAN- K12 SCHOOLS, a truly global school having students from more than 20+ countries now in Jaipur. The orientation ceremony was held on April 8,2023. Parents, students, and staff members who were eager to begin the new academic year attended the ceremony.

K12 Schools, JAIPUR - features a cutting-edge campus with modern amenities like large classrooms, a library, computer labs, science and math labs, and sports facilities. The site's rich greenery also offers a tranquil and favourable learning environment.

"Jaipur is a historical place and a major tourist destination in India. Our students from different countries will come to India for projects, Study tours as well as to know India. That will create an integration with Jaipur students as well as make them future entrepreneurs. " Said Mr P K Samal, Managing Director of the group.

K12 school, campus spread over approx. 9 acres at   Pratap Nagar, the biggest residential area of Jaipur, capital of Rajasthan state, India. Students with an extensive curriculum that covers both the CBSE and IGCSE programmes, giving them a variety of study options. The knowledgeable and skilled faculty at the school is dedicated to giving pupils a safe and stimulating learning environment.

We offer a variety of extracurricular activities in addition to its academic programmes, including sports, music, dance, Yoga and Drills, Art and Craft, theatre, and clubs. Students have the chance to grow in their leadership abilities, interests, and talents through these activities.

The school will uphold the entire ethos and set of values that previous prime minister Lal Bahadur Shastri established.   Sincerity and commitment are what make us strong.  The school will raise awareness of India on a global scale. Make India a world power. The government is encouraging technology-based education as well.  We will also offer cutting-edge sports facilities for activities like cricket, football, swimming, horseback riding, basketball, lawn tennis, and others, according to Mr. Shastri, the school's promoter.

K12 SCHOOLS has students from 20 plus countries in online mode which will help Jaipur campus students to interact on a global platform. This is the first of its kind at Jaipur and all of India in this technological age, fostering knowledge exchange, collaborative ventures, and cross-cultural mingling.  The school offers a user-friendly learning management system, ERP, and operational management system. Through the LMS, parents can simply track their children's development.

We are pleased to inform you that K12 Schools Jaipur, is India’s First hybrid school. With a combination of online and offline learning, we are thrilled to provide a new dimension to education and give students the best of both worlds. “Our hybrid model provides the perfect balance of flexibility and personalization, allowing students to thrive both academically and personally.”

Hybrid School offers a wide range of courses in areas such as science, mathematics, humanities, and the arts. All courses are taught by experienced and passionate teachers who are committed to providing students with the knowledge and skills they need to succeed in college and beyond.

Admission open for the new academic session 2023-24. There are only a few spaces left, enrol now!

For more information, contact:

K12 Schools, Jaipur

Sector 35, Near Sanga Automotive, Sanganer, Pratap Nagar,

Jaipur, Rajasthan – 302029

Call/WhatsApp: +91 844 866 7448

Website: k12schoolsjaipur.com