Aarya Sufiana: From Struggling with Depression to Empowering Women Through Spirituality


Aarya Sufiana: From Struggling with Depression to Empowering Women Through Spirituality

Aarya Sufiana: From Struggling with Depression to Empowering Women Through Spirituality

At just 19 years old, Aarya Sufiana was dealing with chronic pain, fatigue, anxiety, and depression. Western medicine could not provide her with the answers she was looking for, in fact it left her feeling even more invisible and un-heard leading her to seek out other forms of healing.

After spending six months studying Yoga TTC in an ashram in India, doing many Buddhist retreats, her soul still felt UN-MET, even though she had some profoundly intense spiritual experiences; her body- her inner Shakti was still yearning to be understood in this patriarchal world. 

Her hunger to find the deeper answers led her to do her Masters in Philosophy where she stood 2nd in Mumbai university. Aarya also studied Creative Arts Therapy in the United States 

and furthered her training with Reiki, Pranic healing, PG course in Women's studies etc. 

When time and again Aarya's spirit felt Divinely awakened in myriad women's gatherings in San Francisco, she realized that her true calling was to help women awaken their feminine energy and feel heard and seen in their lives, to lead them towards their life purpose. She then decided to work with world’s famous practitioners in various fields to understand the path of Feminine Empowerment.

She has since trained with renowned figures in the field of trauma healing, including Jeff Brown, Michael Meade, and Stanislov Grof, learning about the importance of breath work and creative arts in helping people with trauma to not just heal but even find their GREATEST GIFTS and MAGIC. She studied Feminine Coaching with renowned teachers and authors such as Catherine Thomas and Claire Zammit.

In her 20s, alongside her education, Aarya has had a wonderful career in acting, modelling and she is a trained dancer as well. Aarya has worked in various stage concerts of Channel V, MTV etc. She was also part of Alisha Chinai’s dance group that performed in the Miss World event many years back. But it was spirituality and her passion for helping women that gave a much deeper meaning to her life, and made her leave the entertainment industry and devote her time and energy to her ' Soul's True Calling', as she puts it. 

Today, Aarya Sufiana is a highly respected Feminine Empowerment Coach and Retreat Leader, helping women to connect with their true authentic selves and unlock their true potential. Her journey from struggling with anxiety to becoming a spiritual healer is a testament to the power of self-discovery and the transformative effects of spirituality.

Her clientele is not only limited to Indian women but it expands to Israel, Europe, USA and whole of Latin America. Such has been her influence that people from these nations specially come to India to learn from Aarya personally by spending time with her in remote locations of Goa and Himachal Pradesh. In fact she's a world pioneer who brings together Goddess Spirituality along with Creative arts, breathwork and Psychology.

The Shakti Fest in Goa 2019 led by her, bringing together a powerful team of international feminine leaders is a testament of her international brand recognition of the above fact. 

Through her work, Aarya has touched the lives of countless women, inspiring them to awaken their feminine energy, find their voices and to live their own Divine purpose. Her journey serves as an inspiration to anyone struggling to find their place in the world, reminding us that even the darkest of times can lead to a beautiful and fulfilling life path.

People like Aarya are very rare in this world who happily sacrifice their budding career in the entertainment industry to serve humanity through her service and coaching to empower women.